Thursday, March 16, 2017

In Vino Veritas

"The Spanish wine, my God, it is foul;  catpiss is champagne compared to this. This is the sulphurous urination of some aged horse." - D.H. Lawrence

"I rather like bad wine; one gets so bored with good wine." - Benjamin Disraeli

"Nothing makes the future look so rosy as to contemplate it through a glass of Chambertin." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"Champagne is the one thing that gives me zest when I am tired." - Brigitte Bardot

"Whenever I drink champagne I either laugh or cry...I get so emotional! I love champagne." - Tina Turner

"Champagne, if you are seeking the truth, is better than a lie detector. It encourages a man to be expansive, even reckless, while lie detectors are only a challenge to tell lies successfully. - Graham Greene

"The Americans have no liking for wine unless it is sweet." - Gustave Koerner, 1833

"I like sweet wines. My idea has always been that when you're young, you like sweet wines; and then you get sophisticated, and you drink dry white; and then you get knowledgeable, and you drink heavy reds; and then you get old, and you drink sweet again." - Sally Jessy Raphael, Wine Collector

"A man will be eloquent if you give him good wine." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that I may wet my mind and say something clever." - Aristophanes

"Wine makes a man more pleased with himself, I do not say that it makes him more pleasing to others." - Dr. Samuel Johnson

"One of the disadvantages of wine is that it makes a man mistake words for thoughts." - Dr. Samuel Johnson

"In vino veritas - In wine there is truth." - Pliny the Elder

"If wine tells truth, - and so have said the wise, -It makes me laugh to think how brandy lies!" - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

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