Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Chianti and cheese

The Miami Herald published my letter to the Editor this morning.

I am the same age as our president and understand, indeed sympathize, with his late-night impulse to just be himself. How many years do I have left, I ask myself as, after checking that my wife is asleep, I thinly slice some Parmesan cheese, open a can of anchovy filets in olive oil and pour another glass of Chianti to wash them down — while skulking in the kitchen. It’s an old man’s thing — we can do stuff that young folk can’t get away with.

I might write inappropriate late-night letters to the editor of the Miami Herald, but I do not insult a previous president on Twitter or casually jeopardize our relationship with this nation’s closest allies. Only crazy people do things like that, however late it is.

Patrick Alexander, Coral Gables

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