Sunday, April 16, 2017

Wine Movies

The following is a list of my favorite movies concerning wine
  • Red Obsession (2013 documentary.) Beautiful and splendid study of Bordeaux wines and China
  • SOM (2012 documentary) The training and trials of becoming a certified sommelier.
  • A Year in Burgundy (2013 Documentary). Martine Saunier follows seven Burgundian wine making families through 12 months of work.
  • A Year In Champagne (2015 Documentary) Martine Saunier does the same thing for the wine makers of Champagne.
  • Mondovino (2004 documentary) The globalization of the world’s wine industry
  • Sideways (2004 comedy.) A paean to Pinot Noir and an attack on Merlot
  • Bottleshock (2008 comedy.) Roughly based on ‘The Judgment of Paris’.

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