Thursday, April 20, 2017

Best Wine Books

The trouble with doing a 'favorite books' list is that as soon as you've compiled a list, you discover another book that should have been included. The following is the list of favorite wine books which I have listed in my own book.

Campbell, Christy: The Botanist and the Vintner, Algonquin Books
Clarke, Oz: The History of wine in 100 Bottles, Stirling Publishing.
Colman, Tyler: Wine Politics, University of California Press
Dovas, Michel & Guillard, Michel: Bordeaux: Legendary Wines, Assouline
Heskett & Butler: Divine Vintage, Palgrave Macmillan
Johnson, Hugh & Robinson Jancis, World Atlas of Wine, Simon & Schuster
Johnson, Hugh: Pocket Wine Book, Mitchell Beasley
Johnson, Hugh: Vintage – The Story of Wine, Simon & Schuster
Kliman, Todd: The Wild Vine, Clarkson Potter Publishers
Keevil, Susan: Wines of the World, Metro Books, (D. Kindersley)
Lukacs, Paul: Inventing Wine, W.W. Norton & Company
MacNeil, Karen: The Wine Bible, Workman Publishing
Pitte, Jean-Robert: Bordeaux vs. Burgundy, U. of California Press
Potter, Maximillian: Shadows in the Vineyard, Twelve, Hachette Book Group
Robinson, Jancis: Guide to Wine Grapes, Oxford University Press
Robinson, Jancis: [Editor] The Oxford Companion to Wine, OUP
Saporta, Isabelle: VINO Business, The Cloudy World of French Wine, Grove Press
Steinberger, Michael: The Wine Savant, W.W. Norton & Company
Taber, George: Judgment of Paris, Scribner
Veseth, Mike: Wine Wars, Rowman & Littlefield
Wallace, Benjamin: The Billionaire’s Vinegar, Crown Publishers

Too late to make my list, I have just discovered the following wonderful study of the origen of wine:

Patrick E. McGovern: Ancient Wine, The Search for the Origens of Viniculture, Princeton University Press

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