Wednesday, May 8, 2024


A remark by one of the TV talking-heads about the various witnesses involved in the current ‘Hush Money’ case in New York, describing them all as equally ‘unsavory’, reminded me just how much, since 2016, mainstream America has been exposed to, and become familiar with a whole seamy underside of Society that was previously limited to cheap B-Movies and supermarket tabloids.

 Currently we are watching a sordid mud pit wresting match involving a porn star and a Playboy model exploiting their sexual histories, with an embarrassing bevy of seedy, bottom-draw attorneys and sleazy Catch and Kill ‘news’ editors. But over the past several years, since his descent on the Trump elevator in 2015, we have encountered a seemingly endless succession of cringeworthy associates from Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and all their cronies to out-front, dodgy Ukrainian ‘businessmen’ like Lev Parnas and Igor Frumen.

 Even when Trump moves beyond the bottom-feeders among whom he feels most at home, whoever he touches in the normal world becomes contaminated and swiftly sinks to his level. America’s Mayor has sunk without trace, and a list of hitherto respected four-star generals, CEOs, Attorney Generals, Governors and long respected politicians have seen their proud resumes destroyed, overshadowed and forever poisoned by their association with The Donald.

 Donald trump has transformed Presidential politics and the White House into a XXX Gold Adult strip-club.

 AS King Midas eventually discovered, turning everything to gold has its price,

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