Tuesday, March 19, 2024

How is it possible?


The British Royal Family and its Empire still remain a symbol of historic power and stability in the world but, for the past century, it is the United States of America which has wielded the real power and stability around the planet. More than just its military might, the power of America has resided in the immutable stability of its institutions. The Constitution, the Congress, the Supreme Court, the F.B.I, the Rule of Law and the peaceful transfer of Presidential power are all universally recognized and respected as impregnable foundations of the world’s most unassailable Democracy. Not only has America strength inherited the imperial mantel of the British, defeated the Nazi powers in Europe and even dismantled the world-wide communist threat of the Soviet Union - but it has set the standards for law, order, equality and political constancy by which all civilized nations must now be measured.


So how is it possible; how can it be explained that one man, single-handedly threatens to dismantle and destroy the whole edifice and reduce it to the chaos within which he thrives? What is even more inexplicable is that he is not doing this by stealth, or by trickery behind the scenes, but is doing this openly, within full view of all the institutional guardians erected with such care to protect our values and our freedoms. Within just a few short years, the once proud nation that defeated King George III, Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin’s heirs has become a helpless, passive plaything of a vulgar bully from Queens. How is this possible?

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