Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Wine In A Time Of Cholera


Since March 2020, my various Wine Appreciation classes conducted at the Coral Gables Museum, have moved online and are currently offered through Zoom.

I have been offering a six-week, wide-ranging class covering all aspects of wine appreciation as well as a more focused three-week class.

The one-hour classes begin at 6:30PM on Wednesday evenings.

I also offer the occasional stand alone class. For example, I devoted one class to focus just on white wines. To celebrate Valentine's Day I offered a class where we examined a dozen famous lovers from Antony & Cleopatra to Napoleon and Josephine.

Each one-hour class begins at 6:30PM on Wednesday evenings.

For information about the next scheduled class
Please call the Museum at 305-603-8067 or go to:

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