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Patrick Alexander studied Philosophy at Sussex University in the United Kingdom before moving to France in 1972, where he married and raised a family. During the 30 years spent traveling the world as an international finance professional, Patrick never lost his love for 19th century French literature and 20th century wine. The growing family had successive homes among the vineyards of Bordeaux, the vineyards of Piedmont and the vineyards of California.

Patrick resigned from his position as Director of Professional Advancement and Director of the Wine Program at the University of Miami and as judge for the Florida International Wine Challenge in 2007 to focus on writing full time. His book Marcel Proust's Search for Lost Time was published by Vintage Books in September 2009 and his Booklovers' Guide to Wine was released by Mango Publishing in September 2017. Patrick’s novels include The Nigerian Letter, The Cuban Factor and Death on the Eighth - part of a trilogy set in South Florida.

For the past six years, Patrick has been teaching a sold-out, six-week wine appreciation course at America’s No. 1 independent bookstore, Books & Books. His new book, Booklovers' Guide to Wine combines his two great passions – books and wine.

My Book:
By reading the ‘Booklover’s Guide to Wine’ the reader will not only learn about wine and the history of wine but also about great writers and great wines. This wonderful guide to wine will lead both beginner as well as expert to the secrets of the best wines.

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